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Sports betting system for the beginners

If you have time, creating a sports betting system can be very beneficial both to learn and to provide picks for yourself without the need of a handicapper. There are thousands of different systems you can try to find, but today I am going to explore a solid betting system that I might have come across. The system is called the Z code betting system which is now the talk of the town among the sports better.

All the following facts and ideas were taken from the Z code system, which I also referenced when talking about referees as handicappers. This should be a relatively short hypothesis, and we can do a brief back test along the way of this post. I'm not sure what I'm going to find, and nothing here is definitive evidence to use the system, but it's a start to doing a real back test. In this article, I’m testing on NBA betting system. 

You must find an NBA team that is on the road and has played one or more games on consecutive days, or a back-to-back. You will need to keep the track record of the team. Then you must make sure that the team they are playing against, the home team, is coming off at least one day's rest. It shouldn't be too hard to meet these criteria, because according to Score casting, the NBA uses scheduling to give road teams disadvantages and preserve home field advantage. I'm going to find a sample of ten instances of this NBA season. Keep in mind, this is an extremely small sample size, and you should always shoot for at least five years of data when creating a sports betting system. 

To give me game logs by the team, as well as schedules to find days off, I will be using the Z code system which is a great resource to use when trying to set your own lines. This is called the Z code system line reversals. From the lines, you can figure out the ups and down condition of the team, and you can set a solid bet on your team.

I just randomly chose a team. In their last nine games that are back to back not even making sure the home team is coming off a day off, their score is 5-4. Considering their result which is 33-18, that means they are 28-14 when they are not on the road and are not playing back to back games. With the help of this information, you will need to set your bet and earn much profit from it.